Guide to Frame Measurements

  • Apr 23
  • Vamsi Seemakurthi

If you're a glasses wearer you may notice some numbers on the arms or the bridge. These numbers usually include the frame model, colour code and measurements. This may look something like the following image: 

The numbers displayed in this image indicate the following dimensions:


  • 55(mm) will represent the lens width
  • 18(mm) will represent the bridge width
  • 145(mm) will represent ...

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Help & Tips

  • May 21
  • Lensfit International

Frame Care Tips

1. Dont wipe your lenses dry with tissue or any hard paper. Use a soft, clean, lint-free cotton/microfiber cloth.

2. Clean the lens and frame by hair shampoo, if you find oily dirt on the lens.

3. When not wearing your glasses be sure to store them safely. Dont leave your eyewear in extreme cold or hot temperatures, such as on the car dashboard, as this can damage the lens coatings.

4. Have your eyeglasses adjusted regularly. This includes tightening the screws and replacing the nosepads.

5. Make sure to take off your specs when you feel sleepy or you know you will fall sleep soon. Most of the glasses frame get cracked when people wearing it during a...

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Is It Time For New Frames?

  • May 13
  • Vamsi Seemakurthi

Fine works of art, delicious cheeses, and beautiful antiques all take on special qualities as they age. Old eyeglass frames may develop a charm of their own too, but wear and tear will eventually take its toll.

Whether you're sporting a pair of vintage specs, or you've simply had your frames for a while, we can help you recognize the signs when it's time to update to a new pair of lenses or frames.

“How Do I Know When It’s Time?”

Of course, the number one sign that you should be considering new lenses and frames is if you’re noticing c...

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