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Frame Care Tips

1. Dont wipe your lenses dry with tissue or any hard paper. Use a soft, clean, lint-free cotton/microfiber cloth.

2. Clean the lens and frame by hair shampoo, if you find oily dirt on the lens.

3. When not wearing your glasses be sure to store them safely. Dont leave your eyewear in extreme cold or hot temperatures, such as on the car dashboard, as this can damage the lens coatings.

4. Have your eyeglasses adjusted regularly. This includes tightening the screws and replacing the nosepads.

5. Make sure to take off your specs when you feel sleepy or you know you will fall sleep soon. Most of the glasses frame get cracked when people wearing it during a sleep.

6. When using hairspray or other chemicals, remove eyeglasses beforehand to prevent any damage to the lenses.

Glasses not gripping your ears properly? Feeling loose? Adjust the arms on your glasses

1). Use a hair dryer to carefully heat up the arms to make them a little easier to bend.

2). Make sure to support the frames as you "carefully" bend them.

3). Don't force them to bend.

4). If you contain the heat by holding the frames inside a bowel or container as you heat, it will help.

5). Don't hold the hairdryer for too long in one place on the frame.

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