About us

Lensfit.com was founded with a rebellious spirit and a soaring objective; to offer premium & designer eyewear at a revolutionary price, while leading the way for economically & socially conscious businesses. 

Lensfit is a technology-focused online retailer of prescription and fashion eyewear, also looking to expand its wings through its first-in-class premium outlets for high-street presence. Our vision is to ensure that you get a better and clearer vision. The company operates its own optical lab where it creates and assembles the prescription lenses and specializes in single vision, multi-focal and Rx. sunglasses. The company always aspire to provide you the latest trends, high quality products, and the widest possible range of brands, styles, & designs at the most reasonable rates. Lensfit makes buying glasses online fun and easy by giving you the best selection of designer glasses and using our innovational-gamechanging personal style optician. 

We believe that glasses can really change the way you look and feel. Unfortunately, when too many people have their fingers in the pie, the price of glasses can cost a small fortune. By cutting out the middleman and keeping it simple, we provide our customers with high quality products at a fair price.We lay a lot of emphasis on the quality of the products available on our website because we know that when it is about your eyes, there can be no compromise. Passionate about eyewear and fashion, our style council works hard at picking out the best frames and most popular brands. They have their finger on the pulse of what’s happening and make sure we have the latest trends and styles in stock. Lensfit knows your time is valuable. At Lensfit we work hard to provide customers with an enjoyable and efficient shopping experience. 

Lensfit as a young and dynamic company wish to serve each and every common Indian people with their best product at the best market price. We are bringing you the most desired fashionable, comfortable, international styling sunglasses and eyeglasses to all our Indian customers, at your pocket budget. We are also offering you great packages of safe, stylish, up-to-date and effective Spectacle Lenses for your precious eyes. We assure you a healthy Lens with unbeatable prices. At lensfit, quality is the at-most priority. Each pair of eyeglasses is checked by highly trained quality control staff before being shipped from our distribution division direct to our customers, this way you can be assured that quality standards are maintained to the highest levels.

Lensfit.com is the culmination of 35 years of experience as opticians, of understanding the range of requirements for eye care for people of all ages and backgrounds. Our knowledge goes much beyond your needs in sunglasses, lenses, spectacles & contact lenses. Our ethos from the very beginning was to offer affordable, stylish eyewear to everyone with a significant saving compared to the high street and other online suppliers.

Biggest Range, Best Service, Amazing prices! Lensfit is fully dedicated to providing our customers with the largest range of designer sunglasses, prescription eyewear, contact lenses, optical products and optical services at the best possible prices. Our customers can always rely on us for a vast selection of optical products from the latest eyewear trends to the classics that never go out of style. We pride ourselves in offering our customers great deals daily and guarantee an enjoyable shopping experience. Collection of wonderful brands, hundreds of shapes and styles in spectacles & sunglasses, and a large choice of contact lenses products are now just a click away. Enjoy shopping!

Better technology. Better glasses.

Simply put, LENSFIT is the best way to buy eyewear. We are relentless in our pursuit of the latest optical innovations, from contact lens technologies to breakthroughs in eyewear design. The ever-evolving nature of our product inspires us, and will always drive us to find you your perfect fit. Our Optical experts, thirst to quality and technology, innovational-gamechanging personal style quiz will bring the right pair to you like magic. 

Your look. Perfect fit. 

Nothing takes your look from zero to Gosling as quickly as the right eyewear. And nothing makes you look more like a fashion icon than frames that fit your face. We know that choosing a style that sits front and centre on your face is a daunting task. Just like no two faces are identical, every combination of frames and lenses is unique as well. That’s why we tailor our design process — from materials to styles, and even lens options — to ensure that we always have something just for you. In a few easy steps, we’ll help you discover glasses that fit you perfectly. 

Authenticity card

"True vision comes from radiant eyes”

With every frame or contact lenses, we provide authenticity card as a proof of quality and authenticity.

Game changing innovation

Since the beginning our goal was just to touch the summit of your satisfaction with our team of experts, like experienced opticians and professional executives, to check the optical value of all our products and taking care of your faith on us. To serve you the best, before delivery we scan all the products several times with our steadfast dedication . And we expect only lots of love and faith in returns. We also sincerely maintain the delivery schedule without any delay so that all your shopping experiences will become a pleasure trip with us. We provide Free shipping to all our customers including pre-paid and post paid customers. Our quality products starts only at 300 rupees. You may find a great collection of imported products form all over the world in our online show-room. We offer COD too. 


You can't offer the most affordable prescription glasses in the world or develop an exclusive protection coating like Blue Cut without turning a few heads. From our low prices to our high quality products, we do everything with the customer in mind. We do everything with the customer in mind! We offer the widest selection of great prescription eyeglasses at the most affordable prices in the world.


No two eyes are alike, and we’re here to get you exactly what you need. If anything – literally anything – is less than perfect we commit to making it right every time. We offer over 1,000 frames in colors, materials, and styles that fit every preference. Our lenses and coatings are customized based on your needs to make your glasses perfect. Our glasses start at only 300 rupees, lens included!