The Team


Behind Lensfit, there are actual people who make sure you and your eyes are taken care of. From our own optical experts that craft the lenses; to our dedicated customer service that ensures you are always covered; to our trend-conscious buyers who select the frames; to our shipping department that makes sure you get your glasses on time.

Lensfit as a team oriented company, our growth and foundation has been built on the combination of the core values of our people. Our vision and values represent the core philosophies for how we live our lives, both in our personal and in our careers. We are privileged to be in a young, international and energetic environment where we can develop ourselves along with the Company. We strive to provide a unique, open-minded and collaborative platform for passionate people to find their calling, build their careers, and develop themselves! We are passionate about what we do and our collective drive will propel us into the future. Passion coupled with dedication is what drives us to maximize our potential. Meet our fascinating young team here!

The core values that we live by:

  • Customer First
  • The Power of Synergy
  • Driving Change-Innovate
  • Add a little monkey business
  • Pursue your passions
  • Go that extra-mile
  • Take Ownership-Be Responsible
  • Maximize your Time
  • Achieve the Impossible
  • Helping Others-Do Some Good
  • Act with Integrity-Take Action
  • Quality, above everything else. Because, there is no substitute for eyes.
  • Ensure equality of experience, every time & everywhere. So, standardized operating procedures are our mantra.
  • Customer care in the true sense. That’s why, transparency from order placement to delivery.
  • We shall always cater to the natural human desire to own that impeccable frame to enhance their eyes, because you only get one chance to make the right first impression.

We value change and are constantly seeking new ways to improve, develop, and collaborate to better serve our customers. Driving Change is about being open-minded, collaborating, continuously learning, embracing challenges and developing each other. Happiness in the work place allows us to better express ourselves, be creative, open-minded and appreciate the differences resulting in excellent customer service. At Lensfit, we encourage our team to inspire laughter and joy making every day an amazing day. Yes we need to be serious about our work to achieve success in our business but having fun in an appropriate way makes our journey more interesting and worthwhile.

At Lensfit our achievement comes from within. We intensify our goals and objectives by always setting ambitious yet achievable targets. This reflects our behavior to consistently support the interests of the business and its people with each decision we make. Every person at Motion Global works together to passionately deliver exceptional work focused on achieving tangible value. Efficiency is about simplifying actions, being clear and following through on what needs to be done. It is the ability to do more with less, to prioritize and create value in all aspects of our lives.

We are here to excite-excite our customers,our colleagues,vendors and partners in a positive and emotional way. Find out what is needed, over-deliver, exceed expectations, and bring a positive attitude while you're doing it. Our goals are high and our journey will be difficult but worthwhile. To be successful in today's competitive, social and transparent world, we must differentiate ourselves from our competitors. This means making an impact to every single person we engage with whether it be a customer service call, vendor relations, or online customer support. Making individuals happy and surprising them with exceptional service creates the most powerful of effects - word of mouth. Accountability for our actions and product delivery is at the core of our work ethic. At Lensfit being fair and honest is paramount in our organization. We strive to be fast, efficient, and transparent in our customer and vendor relations. Customer satisfaction is our top priority!